2 for 1 outfit

I always run into this problem in the fall/winter and I'd like to know if anyone else has this similar issue. See, I have alot of long cardigans that I love layering my outfits with, but once I'm out the door I tend to have a shorter jacket and that leaves my cardigan hanging out the bottom.
Perfect example today, I have this super cute bunny cardigan from kensiegirl (yes, those are bunnies!) but then as soon as I put on my jacket, I felt it looked a little funny having it so much longer.

My solution was to take the cardigan off, stuff it in my bag, then wear my jacket and change at work. Kind of a pain, but what else can I do? The weather isn't cold enough yet to break out the longer coats.

So this explains to two sets of pictures taken this morning. The first with my cardigan, then the second with my jacket sans cardigan.

I also want to let all my new readers know about my very first giveaway that's currently going on. You can read about it here. You have until Friday to enter!

Oh and I just joined this new Online fashion site called Sense of Fashion. it's a pretty cool site dedicated to all things Indie fashion related. You can also sell, and shop on the site too! I have yet to familiarise myself with it and possibly start selling some of my clothing as my wardrobe is getting out of hand but you should check it out! They featured me on their home page today! What a compliment.

Cardigan} kensiegirl
Boots} Aldo