Une journée avec toi

Since we've been so busy with our upcoming move, my guy and I didn't really have time to celebrate Valentines day. Now it was really fine with me but we kind of wanted to do something since this was the first one we were spending together. (Cue "awwwws" here). Anyways, we came up with a plan to do brunch at The Organic Grill ( yes, again) since apparently they have the best tofu omelette that I had not yet tried.
It turned out to be such a gorgeous sunny day! But don't be fooled, I was freezing taking these pictures without my coat on.



For my outfit, I did a little remix by pairing this dress under my skirt.


This was right before digging into my omelette. Look at that face. I was excited. You can choose up to three ingredients and any kind of cheese. I went with kale, mushrooms, soy cheddar cheese with a side of vegan sausage. And yes, it was as amazing as it looks. After brunch we just couldn't stop there, although we probably should've. Since we were in the neighborhood, we  stopped by Babycakes and stocked up on some treats to bring back with us and munch on while we packed.


My handsome man, looking dapper.


We got back on the train and made our way back to Brooklyn. I haven't seen him since! Haha, no really, we've both been at each our own places this week packing up and getting all the last details done before joining forces in Williamsburg.


dress} Vintage, via Fine & Dandy (used to be halfcaf)
shoes}Jeffrey Campbell