Avec mon parapluie

{With my Umbrella}

I think it's pretty funny that you can't even tell that it was raining in these pictures. I mean, if I wanted to take a picture with an umbrella, I'd sure choose something a little more stylish than this plain old black one. Which makes me think it wouldn't be such a bad investment considering how much I'd be able to use it.





We took these pictures on our way to breakfast on Saturday. There's a place in Williamsburg called Breakfast All Day, that yes you guessed it, serves breakfast all day. The great thing is that they give you the option of making almost any item on the menu vegan, even pancakes and waffles! We strolled over there in the rain since we both didn't feel like making anything.{It was kind of a lazy morning}
I pulled on this romper that I've worn on the blog before. Paired it with some fun tights and comfortable shoes and there you have it, my weekend outfit.


shoes}Dexter, Mo's Vintage
shirt}Charlotte Russe, thrifted