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Well, things have been a little hectic over here but that's not really news now is it? I'm gearing up for Thursday when I leave for Ottawa, to attend my sister's wedding. I'm the MOH which, I guess if you live out of town {of out of the country}, doesn't really mean a whole lot until the week of the big day. I'm totally prepared to be running around, and by running, I mean driving, because this is the suburbs and not New York, and doing whatever my sister will need me to do. I'm hoping there's a lot of babysitting this lil'guy





I'm wearing a vintage dress that I bought some time ago last winter. It was falling apart at a few places and buttons were coming off but I really couldn't pass up such a beautiful dress! Just a few quick touches with a needle and thread and this vintage beauty is restored just in time for Summer. Oh and these are my new Gimmik shoes. I decided to go with the brown ones, but judging from the giveaway i'm currently having, I think the majority is leaning towards black. For me, i'm way more into browns and neutrals so these were definitely my fave pick. You still have time to enter to win your own pair, in your color of choice!


shoes} c/o Blowfish Shoes