Mes Environs

{My Surroundings}

Oh, guess who had time to take pictures today?! Actually, I took so many pictures today it started to feel a little cray cray. I'm heading out of town on Monday for work stuff so I know that I won't have time to take any outfit pictures until Friday when I get back. So as to not leaving you guys hangin' I'll have a few posts to go up. It'll be like I never left. I promise.
One of our new weekend afternoon pleasures is to head over to Champs Family Bakery and have ourselves I little vegan snack. It's just a few blocks away from us and gives us a reason to leave the house when the sun comes out! So today I thought why not take my camera and take you along!






We each had a brownie {pictured,toasted coconut chocolate cheesecake} and an Americano, {which is my coffee of choice}and then made our way back home. We're having such a great time discovering our new neighborhood. I've been working so much these past few weeks so these weekends are really special time that we get to spend together. Aside from work, I've also been trying to get back onto a regular workout schedule. I can't believe how hard it is to manage all this and keep blogging? It's really been a struggle that I hope to get sorted out fast. If you have any tips that for time management, please, i'm all ears!

Tomorrow is Easter so a few friends will gather for a Easter Brunch. I hope to come out with a few more pictures of the weekend! What are your Easter plans?

jeans}AA, thrifted.
top}c/o Modcloth
jacket}The Bay