Mes Vacances

Hey there! Hope everyone is gearing up for the weekend, I sure am. As promised here are a few pictures from our little trip to Nassau, Bahamas. To be honest, I wasn't exactly in Blogger mode so I barely took any pictures or even cared about my outfit for that matter. I wore the same romper almost everyday {oops!}

Outfit: romper| kensie ; shoes|thrifted ; sunglasses| kensie ; bag| thrifted

{Paradise island beach}

{Junkanoo beach}

{Downtown Nassau}

{Local bus}

{Colorful buildings}

{Sonny, at cable Beach}

A little bit of details about our trip, just in case anyone is interested in going. We flew into Nassau on Friday morning. it was a direct flight from New York and only 21/2  hours! We took a taxi to our hotel which turned out to be exactly what you pay for, but we were already expecting that so no biggie. Once we settled and put down our bags we quickly changed and headed for the beach. Our hotel manager had reccomended we go to Paradise Island beach which is on the same Island as Atlantis, which to be honest, I had never heard about until a couple days vefore my trip....
Anyways, that beach turned out to be crazy busy and not exactly the quiet retreat we were looking for. The next couple of days were spent hoping the the local bus {$1.25} and exploring the other beaches on the Island. And basically, that's all we did! We just needed to relax and not have to be following any kind if schedule.