Water for Elephants

As you might have guessed, NY is getting hit hard with rain. We've had several flood warnings but I'm happy that it was not gotten that bad just yet. What better way to spend a rainy night than tucked away in a movie theatre with a friend and snacks. That's exactly what I did last night after work. I went to see water for Elephants, a movie adaptation from the book of the same title by Sara Gruen.





Now we all know not to expect a lot out of a movie once you've read the book {and liked it} so I held back my expectations for this one but was pleasantly surprised! The picture is beautiful as are the costumes since the movie follows the Benzini Bros. circus back in 1931.The movie did a great job of intoducing the characters, the main character Jacob Jankowski {Robert Pattinson} an almost Cornell Grad  Veterinary student that ends up as the circus vet , Marlena {Reese Witherspoon} the star attraction and love interest, and August {Christoph Waltz} the ringleader and Marlena's husband.  I think this movie is being overshadowed by Bridesmaids right now but if you do have a chance to sit down and watch something, I'd reccomend it.

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