chuck its.

Aaaannnd i'm back from a relaxing, eventful, sunny Memorial day long weekend. Well, yes, I do realize that it's now Wednesday so I should've been back yesterday but my days have just been so jammed packed that I did not have a minute to post. 

We spent most of Monday lazing around at the beach, enjoying the hot sunny weather that has finally arrived and seems to be staying {just jinxed it...}. After that, I quickly got home, washed away all of the sand and remnants from the beach and made myself look somewhat presentable for the Time Square crowd, since that's where I was meeting my ladies for a screening of Bridesmaids {which was hilarious, mostly due to Melissa McCarthy}. So all in all, t'was a very good weekend here in Brooklyn.

chuck its

chuck its



I love love love the lighting in these pictures as they were taken at my favorite time of day right before the sunset. I met up with a friend at the in between point of both our places that just so happens to be this park. If you follow my tweets, you'll already know that my friend had a Vegan, German Chocolate cake to pawn off from a birthday party over the weekend. It was delicious, and we still have so me leftover if you live in Brooklyn, you know how to reach me....

You might've already seen other bloggers, that are way more diligent on posting on time, wearing their Converse chuck-its from Kaboodle. I've been wearing mine out on errands, and lazy weekend outfits but have not yet had the chance to post them on here. They're super comfy and I love the fact that they're slip ons! I never had the chance to own classic chucks, only borrowed my sister's from time to time since she was cooler than me when it came to the whole "grunge" thing. So now I'm happy to have a pair to call my own. 



skirt}Cotton On
shoes}Converse, c/o Kaboodle
tote} c/o