mullet head




I didn't realize this until I saw these pictures that I have a sort of mullet. It wasn't intential and I hope it's not horrible but it is a little funny. I thought Monday was going to be a little cold out so I dusted off my tights and paired them with this {too} short polka dot dress that I've been meaning to wear. Unfortunately, the weather was NOT as expected and I was way too over dressed for the day..well except for in my office where the temperatures make you feel like you're still in December.

Someone asked me about my gym routine and I just wanted to answer it on here in case anyone else was wondering. I do have a gym memebership but these days I've been having a hard time finding the time to go. I try to work out at least 4 times/ week and that includes doing about 4o-45 minutes of cardio and ending with some yoga/stretching, and a few crunches. That's it. Unfortunately I haven't been motivated to do anything else and am just trying to get back to my ideal weight... I focus more on how my clothes fit instead of the number on the scale.

dress}Zara, via Annie's shop
tights}c/o Welovecolors
shoes}Jeffrey Campbell