The Cool Kids

O.k, I'm going to try to explain this as clearly as possible without getting anybody all riled up. This outfit I'm wearing today? Well, I kind of feel like one of the cool kids. You know... the ones NOT wearing anything of color. There's nothing girly, feminine about it either. Isn't that on trend right now? Well, if you follow my blog and read up on my outfits, I'm not really one for trends. I prefer to dress how I feel that day and most days it involves bright colors, and girly dresses.  I assume that's why you keep visiting me, no? Today I was trying to be more casual and wanted a reason to wear these new boots.

You know the saying the grass is always greener on the other side? That's how I feel when I dress like this. There's nothing particularly wrong with this look, I even got a few compliments from strangers today, (including a cute boy working at Trader Joes) but half way through the day I find myself thinking, I wish I was wearing a dress (or skirt, or ruffles, or color!!). It's never ending actually, when I wear a "contemporary" outfit, like something from kensie, I'm wishing I was a little more "Vintagy" and vice versa. Why does this happen to me? Maybe I over think things too much, I am a Virgo afterall (it's in our nature).

A little bit about this outfit:
This super cool blouse is from Value Village. It's 100% silk and is in the best condition. I just had it dry cleaned and I think it'll now be in constant rotation (paired with a skirt of course). I just loved the detailing on it so I  tried to take a close up picture for you guys. It could be worn buttoned on top or unbuttoned, it loks cute both ways.
The boots are from this weekend's thrift store shopping extravaganza. I found them at the very last store we frequented before hitting up a bar in Brooklyn. They're the perfect size and I love the 80's detail on the side. Needless to say, I showed up at the bar with bags of boots in hand as well as my awesome Halloween costume, which I have yet to show you guys!

Top}Karen Perry via Value Village
Shorts} Roxy (diy cut offs)
Boots}Thrifted via Atlantic Attic