All things Girly

This post will be as rushed as the taking of these pictures this morning. To counter-act yesterday's outfit, I did go very girly today. I love the ditsy print of this dress and the fact that my purple tights matched perfectly. Just the sort of outfit a girl needs when she's feeling unispired.

Tonight I'm heading over to the boyfriend's house, I haven't seen him in forever due to busy schedules so I'm excited about that. I also have been trying to plan an outfit for Nickie's 30 birthday bash!!! It's this Saturday and I think that the theme is leaning on the retro side complete with an Elvis Impersonator. Honestly, she's been planning this for what I think might be a year now, so this is a big day for her!! I can't wait to post pictures and finally decide on what dress to wear! If you're not following her, you should!! She's awesomly (i know this is not a word) entertaining, my personal fave is her "Weekend Updates" and not only because I'm usually featured....

cardigan}BB Dakota
Boots}Steve Madden