La fille derrière le blog

My name is Melanie Sonier. I'm 29 years young. I'm a virgo, born on 09/09.

I was raised on the East coast, in Ottawa, ON but at the tender age of ten, I knew I'd be living in Vancouver. Then, ten years later I find myself on the West Coast, loving life and figuring out who I truly am. Ten years after that I'm in New York with a new outlook on life. It's been a whirlwind but i can't stop now.

I'm an overly independant lady who has a hard time asking for help.
I'm full of ideas but need the push to actually fulfill them.
I can certainly dish it out but I have a hard time taking it.
I don't have many close friends but really treasure the friendships I have.
I like to knit, crochet and do crafts and would love to do it full time if I could.
That said, I work in Fashion and right now, I'm loving that too.
I live in New York, but I'd move to a middle of nowhere place if it meant spending it with my own little family.
I won't settle for less because i don't think i should.
I love tattoos but not talking about them.
I switch from coffee to tea every now often. I'm currently on tea.
I'm a new aunt to my darling nephew Quinn, but i can't wait to be a mom.
I'm much more emotional than I let on.
I'm super sarcastic, it sometimes comes off as snobby.
I'm vegan but I don't like talking about veganism.
I like vintage dresses the best but shoes and jewelery are a close 2nd (and 3rd)
I get extremely awkward in front of a boy I like, extremely confident in front of one I don't.
I think everyone should have access to health care. But people also should take better care of their bodies.
I like being relied upon but not relying on others.
I'm 10 minutes early to anything, therefore my friends are always late.
I can't sleep on roadtrips, I much rather enjoy the scenery.
I enjoy being alone. Sometimes i can go a whole day without talking to anyone, I blame the internet.

This blog is just me, taking pictures of my outfit before I leave for work. Sharing whatever news that comes into my life, some good and some of it bad. I try to keep a positive outlook on life, because who likes a Debbie Downer? Sometimes i do hair posts, and sometimes I have bad hair days, you can't win them all.

What I do know is that I appreciate all of my readers for stopping by and connecting with me one way of another. je vous aimes.