Tiny Moons

I was inspired by yesterday's vintage shopping trip when I was creating today's outfit. It's all either thrifted or vintage and I  think if I would add it all up, the whole thing would be around $40! The skirt I bought yesterday as well as the boots; the top was one of my Vancouver Value Village finds and the belt, well, that's been in my closet forever, I might've snatched it up at Beacon's Closet a while ago.
I wanted to make sure to take a close-up pic of the skirt as it has these tiny little multi-colored moons as the print! How adorable is that?!

I know some of you are wondering what my Halloween costume is (see previous post) but I'm not telling!! In fact, i'm thinking up how I can turn this into some little contest. So just bear with me for a little bit longer and I will surely let you know when I've decided how to go about this. I still have alot of sewing to do and searching for a few more items to complete the outfit, but that is why I started early. Anyone else have their Halloween costume planned out? or am I just a big dork for getting an early start???

Top}Value Village
Skirt}Vintage store??
Boots}Atlantis Attic