Mother Nature

This outfit was built around my new shoes! I love them so much even though they look a little granny-ish. Well, I guess you could say that that's right up my alley.  I think they'll go great with many vintage dresses currently hanging in my closet as well, so I'm sure they'll be making some appearances in future posts!
Today I'm going for a Fall theme. Trying to keep it neutral after all the color I've worn this week. I figure sometime's I need to tone it down. Hope you can appreciate that even though I'm known for my colorful wardrobe.

Well thank you to everyone who's entered the giveaway so far(see below post)!! I'm happy to see that my little knitty things are in demand. I need to start knitting alot more as today's weather is definitely knit hat weather. Anyways, good luck to you all and i'm excited to find out who's the lucky person next Saturday!

You've seen these items here before:

Have a good weekend everyone.

Pants}Urban Outfitters
Shoes}Jeffrey Campbell