Drowning in Vintage

Yesterday was my Halloween costume shopping with Pamela (from Market Publique) day. Nickie and I met her in Williamsburg where we proceeded to hit up what seemed like every vintage store possible. Of course we couldn't do them all as Williamsburg is the mecca of vintage shopping but we sure made a dent. Even though I was concentrated on only shopping for my halloween costume, I managed to buy 2 pairs of boots and a skirt (which I bargained down to $10 from $20). Oh and I did find some items for my costume, now I have the tedious task of putting it all together.

My outfit consisted of so many layers that I didn't even need a jacket. I was excited that the weather was a crisp 65 degrees and sunny, the perfect Satuday shopping weather if you ask me.
My hair was inspired by some of my fave bloggers trying out the Alexander Wang SS09 ( i think?) side braid. Of course my hair isn't as long as say, Delightfully Tacky's so I had to enlist the help of a few clip-in extensions.

** I almost forgot to include this crazy set of remix. Here are just some of the outfits I've done in the past using the items i'm wearing here.

Tee-shirt} American Apparel
Cardigan}BB Dakota
Scarf}Forever 21
Sunglasses}Forever 21
Shoes}Jeffrey Campbell