Hors de l'Ordinaire

{Out of the ordinary}




These pictures are from my blogger brunch meet-up from a couple of weekends ago. Veronika  ( i heart this lady) was so nice to offer to take all of our outfit pictures. I have to say, being photographed on the street by a real person is kind of intimidating when you are used to your enclosed backyard/ tripod/self-timer trio., I guess I'm going to have to get use to it though considering that this could be the last week I have in that backyard. Yes, as I'm writting this, I'm not even sure if I'll be moving this weekend or the next yet. Talk about stressful right?

Since it was Sunday I wanted to wear something casual yet not completely dressed down. I found this skirt at Beacon's not too long ago and was able to snatch it up with my store credit. Not breaking the rules! I think it'll be a versatile piece come Spring time when I can wear it with some cute brown sandals and a tank.
Well, I've got some more packing to do so this is where it ends, friends. Oh and if you've noticed, I'm trying to smile a little more with my teeth. Just making a conscious effort to look a little more natural. That's all.

skirt}thrifted via Beacon's Closet
cardigan}Value Village
Shoes}Jeffrey Campbell
hair clip} c/o Modcloth