Robe Angélique



When I wore this outfit to work the other day my boss said to me halfway thorugh the day: "When you got dressed this morning, were you thinking about the clouds? or the angels? the virgin Mary?". I tried to not get too defensive and wanted to hear what else he thought about my outfit before pleading my case. Well, turns out I didn't have to. He knew exactly what I was going for. I wanted to tone down the airy, chiffon girlyness of the dress by pairing it with black tights and my Seychelles booties. He got it. He loved it. Pheww. I still have a job. (Haha, just kidding. The fashion industry isn't THAT harsh.)




This dress is from my swap with Emily. This is the second light blue item she swapped with me and I'm begining to think that I've been missing out. I don't think I own any baby blue-ish color in my wardrobe. Just another reason why I love swaps so much. It gets you thinking out of your comfort zone and gets you to wear things that you wouldn't have normaly thought looked good on you. So yeah, I guess I'm saying that blue is my color. Hehe.

** Check out an interview I did for Emily over at Nudgenick! Thanks so much for featuring me Emily!

dress}Vintage, swap with Emily
boots}c/o Seychelles