La jupe verte

{The green skirt}



Ok, I feel like i'm in the home stretch right now. Only a few more days to go before I can finally live normally and not amongst all of these boxes. I have to say that moving is not fun and I've only really begun. When it's not one thing that stressing you out ( find a place to live)  it's another (figuring how to pack up your life in boxes). But there's definitely the light at the end of the tunnel and that means that me and my boyfriend will no longer be spending over half an hour getting to each others houses on a daily basis. And well, there's a lot more great things attached to it, like a better neighborhood and lots more places to eat but that i'll tell you more of when I'm finally there.


Skirt collage

This outfit is made up of a mish mash of things. This sweater is vintage and you've probably seen it on the blog before. The skirt is from a Delightful Dozen swap, so you know what that means? You can see how the other members have worn it over on the delightful dozen blog. Which, by the way received over 500 hundred new followers in one day! Now that's how you throw a launch party! I knew I had some walking around today as we've been very busy at work checking out our new Kensie store locations so I threw on these little booties and called it a day. Thanks for everyone's well wishes on my move. I know I must be  pain always talking about it but I swear so many things will be so much better after, including more time for posting on the blog!

skirt}French Connection, via Deligthful Dozen
shoes}Jeffrey Campbell