Le Parc

{The Park}

Hi guys, I feel like I'm cheating by posting this today as it's actually from last Sunday. If I were to post what I'm wearing today you'd see jeans, sweatshirt and undone hair, mabe make up but not even sure about that one. Today is moving day {finally}. So I'm going to be a little busy bee in the net couple of days with limited internet access. Our internet should get hooked up by Wednesday but I just found out that I'm going to Vancouver for a couple days to get some work done. Does my life ever slow down? Anyways, enjoy your Sunday!



Before heading out to Manhattan, we stopped at my local Bagel place on 5th Avenue and got ourselves some sandwiches. They were taking quite a long time with our order and I couldn't figure out why. Then, when I unwrapped my bagel I saw that they had cut it in 4 little pieces. It was quite considerate of them.


This was my outfit for the day. The pictures were taken in Central Park. It was such a beautiful day that I wasn't even cold removing my coat!



dress}c/o Modcloth
shoes} Dexter, via Merl