Un Dimanche

{One Sunday}

I'm posting this now in order to remind myself {and fellow NYCers} that not too long ago there were signs of Spring. As I type this I'm trying not to pay attention to the hail that sounds like it's going to break through my window and thunder that sounds just like my stomach at lunch time. Oh how I love to be dramatic! But really, this is gross.

Thank goodness we had a gorgeous day on Sunday and I have these pictures to serve as proof that one day soon it will be sunny.




I loved this building that was painted all white! So rare to find in Brooklyn that I wonder how often they need to maintain it graffiti free. I'm really loving pulling out more casual, laid-back outfits for the weekends. It's very unfussy and easy going that I don't feel out of place no mater where I go.

{monk vintage}

{beacon's closet}

{my boyfriend}

{Brooklyn Bowl}

{Union Pool}

{in the photobooth}

{our pictures}

{Champs sticky cinnamon bun}

So let's see where to begin, we wandered up to Bedford St in Williamsburg and stopped quickly into Monk Vintage. Not for myself of course, as I'm on month #3 of no shopping and still holding strong. After that, we made stops at both Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet, where Soner found some sweet aviators. It was my first time really shopping in the guys section and made me realize that when it comes to guys style I'm pretty clueless. After the "shopping" we stopped into Brooklyn Bowl for a quick drink and really just to use their restrooms {shhh}. Heading back home, we couldn't resist ducking into Union Pool and snapping a few photobooth shots. The first one was a little lame but we got it right the second time. As if that wasn't enough for one day we decided to check out Champs, a vegan bakery that all of our friends were talking about that is supposedly right around the corner from our house. Well, they weren't kidding, it might not be around the corner but about 4 blocks away hides this adorable little corner bakery full of vegan pastries. We grabbed a few things to go and enjoyed them at home while finishing the last few things that are left to unpack. That, my friends, is one.great.day.
ps: Thanks to everyone that commented on my new posting style. I've been wanting to implement a more "lifestyle" feel to the blog for a while now and am just so happy to be able to share with you guys a little more of my life than just my outfits. I'm really happy that you guys like it. If there's anything that you'd like to see more of, please let me know!

shorts} bought in Barbados
shoes} no name