Un petit bonjour

{A little hello}






Oh hi there! Sorry I've been away for a while but you know how it goes. So this past week I've finally joined a gym! Back in January, the gym that I was going to was closing and my membership had expired but I wanted to wait until we moved in order to renew. Last Sunday was finally that day. It's definitely helped my energy level but man is it ever hard to schedule in when you already have a busy schedule. I'm tryingt o go at least 4 times a week for now, we'll see how that goes.

This was just an easy outfit to pull together as the weather is still a little cold. I'm trying to layer up new combinations with the clothing that I already have. I'm just finishing my third month of not shopping and I have to say that it's still not really an issue. I do get tempted when I see a good bargain but I just keep reminding myself that deals will always be there....and do I really need it? Probably not.

So there's just a little update for now. I still have to head out and drop of laundry and get some food in this house for the week so I'll end it here. Have a great night!

Oh and I'm guest blogging over on Veronika's blog, Tick Tock Vintage. So definitely go and take a peak where I shre a few tips for packing light!

dress}Vintage, Flea market
shoes}Jeffrey Campbell