Vendredi au Soleil

{Friday in the Sun}

Friday turned out to be a really great day. You know how much I've been busy these past few weeks? Well, I was finally able to take this past Friday off. Turns out mother nature was on my side and decided to give NY temperatures around the mid 60's. I know we should've spent the day unpacking and getting stuff set up but we just couldn't resist. Here are a few pictures from our day.

One fine Friday 033

One fine Friday 039

One fine Friday 027

One fine Friday 023

One fine Friday 028

One fine Friday 030

One fine Friday 047

One fine Friday 043

We took our bikes out for the first time this year and rode around Williamsburg, first stopping at the park to enjoy the sun. We then headed to this cute little sandwich place called The General Store where you can build your own sandwich. After we were plenty full, we ducked around the corner to take some quick outfit pictures. Afterwards, we hit up this bar called Miller's and had some drinks, since it was happy hour and still plenty sunny. Today we're finally getting stuff up on the walls and I'm almost done putting away all of my clothes! Yay for progress!!

top}tulle, via Emily
shoes}c/o BC Footwear
bag}c/o Modcloth