Jambes Rouillées

{Rusty legs}




This is how comfortable one can look when some man is standing right across the street just looking at you taking your pictures. I do admit, to the non-blogging world, this may all seem a little bazarro, but come on, why would you stop whatever it is you're up to just to make someone feel uncomfortable. It think he kind of ruined it for me and my tripod outings. These are the mornings that I'm missing my peaceful backyard.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend and can't believe that tomorrow is Friday! I scheduled my much needed hair appointment on Saturday and the salon is just a few blocks away from Central Park, pretty convenient huh? Let's just hope that the weather continues to warm up like it's been trying to do all week.

I leave you with a little remix from how I've worn these items before:
remix april14

tights}c/o welovecolors
heels}c/o modcloth