Les Lundi Matins

{Monday Mornings}

Just a quick outfit post for you guys today {I feel like there's more and more of these happening these days} as I desperately need to catch up on some sleep. I've gone back to scheduling my posts, meaning I write them the night before I post them, just so I can have something up when all of you are waking up and drinking your morning coffee or tea. I'm just being considerate yes? And I appreciate every one of you that takes the time out of your day to read this blog. I certainly know how busy life gets but still, to have you guys come over here and see what I've got to say/wear, really means a lot.




Monday mornings are never a time when I feel like dressing up for work. In order to avoid reaching for my jeans, I try to go for something casual without compromising style. Today was a t-shirt and skirt combo. I even debated of forgoing the tights but then took a look at my pasty white legs and decided that wasn't the best idea. I did get my hair cut {finally} over the weekend. This isn't the best time to flaunt it as I was too lazy to properly do anything to it but I promise tomorrow will be a new day, with a fresh look.

skirt}vintage, c/o Dusty Rose Vintage