Well you can't see it in these pictures but my hair has gone from unrully to just plain ridiculous. I haven't had time to get in  a proper appointment at a salon like I've been planning on doing for the past...what's it been two, three weeks now? but fear not I scheduled one in for next weekend. This top knot has been my go-to one too many times these past few weeks. I haven't been to see a professional in a very long while as some you you will remember this story that changed my whole outlook on professional haircutting. The reason why I now feel like I need to get it done "expertly" is because i'm trying to let it all grow out to normal status {as in, not rockstar hair} for my sister's wedding in June. I still haven't dyed it, bringing that count up to 6 months now. I've got some pretty gnarly roots growing in but I'm hoping that a proper cut can rectify that situation. I can safely say that my whole fringe is now 100 % my original haircolor. I get excited at just the though of one day having my very own haircolor back.

This post wasn't supposed to be about hair, but since I already ranted on that, I'll just stop now and let my outfit speak for itself. It was raining this morning so this dress got layered up with a black blzer, black tights and boots. Such an easy no-brainer for a grey morning.

jacket}UO, thrifted
boots} c/o Seychelles
belt}from another dress