I hope everyone had a great Sunday, whether you celebrate Easter or not. I had to run out this morning and get a few more ingredients for our Easter brunch and was pleasantly surprised at how warm it was in Brooklyn. People were walking around in tee-shirts and shorts! Just makes me realize how close we are to getting this kind of weather on a regular basis.
So we had a great little brunch with friends. The menu included scrambled tofu, banana bread, roasted potatoes & veggies, fruit pizza, and a lemon tart {the only non-vegan item}



After brunch we headed into the city to attend a photo exhibit for two of my friends that completed their photography class. The exhibit was held a Photo Manhattan, where the classes were taken, and showcased the students best 6 photos thaken through the class. I was honored that one of Nickie's photos included myself as the subject {pictured on top left side of picture below}
{I forced them to take this picture in front of their artwork, just like a proud mom}



I asked Nickie to send me the picture that made it in the exhibit as well as a few others that we had taken that day. She needed a subject for one of the classes so I gladly volunteered. Funny thing is that the pictures that turned out the best {in my opinion} are the ones that we took after class at the subway station, heading into Brooklyn. We didn't plan on the train coming so fast and it caught me by surprise yet I didn't move. Made for some funny hair pictures!


photos by Nickie Schaad.

Sorry for such a picture heavy post! I haven't even included my outfit pictures for the day. I'm going to keep those for tomorrow as to not overwhelm you!
Now if you'll excuse me, I must go pack for this upcoming trip to Aurora IL tomorrow. I'll be there until Thursday preparing the opening of our kensie store at the Premium Outlets. Should be a very busy week but thankfully, I'm getting all of my posts lined up. Have a great night!