cool shades




These were taken at some point over last weekend. I don't quite remember when since I changed into a few outfits. The weather kept on changing and well, so did my feelings on what I was wearing at the moment. I think we might've just stepped out for a quick bite to eat or something so this casual outfit was perfect. I had to wear the cardigan since my tattoo was still healing and I wanted to keep it out of the sun. 

Oh and this is how my hair looks when it's straightened. It looks so much longer! Haha, well I think i'm ready to cut it back to my lovely shaggy cut once I get back from Ottawa. I'm still not going to dye it, I'm so happy with my natural hair color and that I've gotten this far without dying it. It's still going to take me ages to get it all back to natural, but this is a step. 

romper} vintage
purse}Coach, vintage
shoes}no name?