Toute Seule

{All Alone}




I will start off by saying that I have no idea what I'm doing with my hair. I'm trying to let the shorter layers from the top grow out and eventually get a "real" {not with my own scissors} hair cut. You see, my sister's wedding is at the begining of June and I'd like to have a somewhat tame hairstyle. I'll already be standing out with the tattoos adorning my body so I figure this is the least I can do. I'm also trying to get back to my natural hair color so I haven't dyed my hair since last September {half a year, yeah!}. So this is where I stand, with an outgrown fringe and layers hairstyle and a somewhat two tone color. I need help. I think it's time to go for that professional cut that I've been avoiding like the plague. Wish me luck.

Since the weather is a little warmer these days, I'm trying to lighten up the colors of my outfits. I bought this blouse a very long time ago, back in December when I was in Canada. I had left it up there due to an overflowing bag but then brought it back with my in January. I love the print and the fact that it has a little tie at the collar. It's definitely a vintage polyester so I'm not sure how great it's going to be come actual warm weather so I'm glad I chose just the right time for it.

Oh, and ps, I took these pictures with my tripod this morning, ON THE STREET! I guess you can sorta of tell how uncomfortable I am, but I think I just need a little more practice!


dress} kensie
shoes} c/o Seychelles