Mes Sabots

Before I forget and it becomes just a hazy memory, let me recap a little bit of my weekend. Friday night was a silly night of staying in and watching documentaries found on hulu. Super fun right?

Saturday {when these pictures were taken} turned out to be a gorgeous day. We dropped off some donations at the local sally ann. and then made our way to the farmer's market. We were a little too late as most of the vendors were aready packed up but I guess that's what you get for {much needed} sleeping in.



I think coming up with weekend outfits has become my new fave. Plus it gives me a different focus. Instead of cute dressed up outfits, I try and put together comfortable yet stylish weekend wear so that I don't look like I just rolled out of bed. What's your go-to for weekend style? I'd love to know.



And yes, this is a rare occasion that you find me wearing all black! Whenever I do so, I usually need to tone it down with some browns. So here, I paired it with these super cute clogs from BC Shoes and well, you can't see it but I 'm wearing a matching brown belt.

tee}Roam the sky top, c/o Modcloth
jeans} AA, thrifted
clogs}c/o BC Shoes
bag}gift from friend