Remix: Silk Scarf

My last post got me thinking about all of the silk (polyester) scaves that I have accumulated over the years and don't wear so often. Whenever I'm in a thrift store, I can't help but take a look at all of the beautiful prints, and colors and always end up buying a few. Well, this one isn't vintage but I was able to find four different ways that I've worn it on this blog {which was pretty surprising}. It's just a cheap scarf picked up at Forever 21 a while ago because I really liked the black, gold, red colors. I'm sure if I really start looking through this blog, I'll find other ways on how I've worn a scarf before aside from this one.

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This week has been one really long dragging one. I got back from Chicago on Thursday night, so happy to be home. Our Kensie store is now open at the Chicago Premium Outlet mall {and it looks fantastic}. This weekend I have a special guest staying with me, so you can be sure that it'll be a fun one full of pictures {at least I'll try}. But now it's time to head out for brunch so I must leave you. Have a great Saturday!