Remix: Vintage Floral Dress

As much as I love going through my closet, deciding what to keep, what to donate..etc. I sometimes come across that one item that I've had forever {in my case, a few years} that I just can't part with. Since I've been blogging for a little while now, I've accumulated numerous outfits with these items worn in many ways.
I decided what better way to show a remix, than to put all of them together in one post.

For my first item, I'm remixing a very special Vintage floral dress. To the eye this just looks like another dress, but this particular one was bought on my very first weekend living in Brooklyn. I remember walking around my new neighborhood and stumbling across a little flea market. I spotted this dress and knew that it would fit, I didn't even try it on. I wish I had taken a "before" picture since I had to hem it quite a few inches and it had long sleeves. And now, here are the various ways I've worn it through the years:

mel 002 (4)
{On its own on a hot August day}

{Layered up for the cooler temps}

August 063
{Paired with a bright cardigan}

{Just recently, adding a few textures while trying to keep warm}
I love going through all of my old outfit photos! I already have a few more items lined up for remixes so I hope you enjoyed this! Have a great weekend.